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Andre Ricardo Lawrence was born in Nassau, The Bahamas in December 1965.  The eldest of four children born to Persis Taylor and the late Karl O’Brian Lawrence.


The family moved to The Bronx in NYC shortly after Andre was born and it was during his grade school years that he picked up illustration from his love of comic books that his mother brought home after she left work.


Illustration led to oil and acrylic painting by the time he reached 18.  During his early college years, Andre was a part of several art exhibitions from RISD/ The Rhode Island School of Design to The Harambee Festival in Tallahassee, Florida to local exhibits in South Florida.


In 2001, Andre transformed his portrait studio into a full-featured, graphic arts & digital publishing studio.


He is also the author of HILLARY: A Cinderella Story and the editor of EMERGENCE: A Book of Poetry by Urvan Moxey.


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Andre Ricardo & Associates: Art & Design, AR Lawrence Publishing and Serendipity Promotions is a boutique graphic arts company that incorporates more than 30 years of fine art illustration and painting art with 10 years of graphic (digital) art.  


The Studio caters to independent projects that demand a unique and personalized approach to conceptualizing the client's vision.  The Studio, on occasion, works collaboratively with other graphic art and publishing companies.

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